Sunday, 12 December 2010

Another Kush remix featuring....

As expected.  Another Kush Remix is released. This time it features Dre's upcoming protege  Slim The Mobster.

Sorry but i aint gona provlie the audio here, as google always ask me to remove any audio leaks/full track links from the posts.

Support Dre and go buy the single cd when its released. 


  1. dr dre,isnt going to even sell 500,000 copies the 1st week maybe 100,000 max.dre is falling off kush shouldn't have been the 1st single.i feel like its going to be the biggest disappointment in Hip Hop History. no one cares about dr dre anymore unless he goes pop, which he is going to turn to a official ladygaga man, selling some pop music.with autotune voice. dr dre is old no one wants to hear a grandpa rap anymore.


  2. it's funny to to hear youngsters trying to tell everyone what they "Know"? He youngster? You got the lotto numbers too???